Why is dial up slow ? 24.6k – 28.8k – 33.6k connections


Why is dial up up slow? Do you double click the network icon and check the connection speed? If I feel my dial up is slow, I’ll disconnect, redial and try again. I may also try an access number to a different local city.

There is a wealth of products and information on the internet promising 56k connection and a faster modem speed. There is very little information explaining why sometimes dial up is slow no matter what you try. Many people can’t connect at higher dial up modem speed due to the distance they live from the phone company.

If housing is situated too far from the phone company the phone signal will slowly degrade in quality the longer the distance the signal has to travel. The signal will also become weak, making it difficult to get decent 56k modem speed due to diminished signal strength. It would be necessary for the phone company to amplify the phone signal as is before it gets to your 56k speed modem.
That amplifier is known as a repeater or line repeater. Line repeaters extend the reach of the phone company to its customers. Unfortunately any distortions get amplified and distributed as well. An amplified phone signal is inherently flawed and will adversely effect 56k modem speed.

Phone companies may also opt to incorporate a line repeater within their network because it makes the network less expensive to build and maintain. Lets say 3 houses were built 10 miles from the phone company. In order to get phone service to each house, the phone company would have to run an individual phone line to each house. Thats 3 phone lines, each 10 miles long.

Now imagine being able to run one phone line 9 miles to a line repeater. The phone signal arrives at the repeater, is amplified then split into 3 signals. Each signal is then sent out to each home along 3 lines that are only 1 mile long each. If we didnt have line repeaters there would be a thick mass of phone lines everywhere. You get the idea.

Keep in mind analog phone networks were originally built to carry verbal communications, not digital dial up modem signals. That is why sometimes depending on where you live, maximum attainable dial up internet connect speed on an amplified signal is 33.6k or less. Call your local phone company to find out if you are on a repeater. If you are on a phone network that doesn’t have a repeater between you and the phone company, you’ll likely achieve modem baud rate closer to 56k modem speed.