What to look for when choosing dial up Internet access providers


Many dial up Internet access providers offer high speed dial up plans along with non high speed. The additional cost for accelerated dial up is nominal and definitely worth the small extra monthly cost.

Prices on average for most dial up ISP accounts range from $5 or 10/month for non high speed, up to $15/month for high speed access. With the amount of dial up Internet access providers available, there is no reason to spend more than $15 per month for a high speed dial up account.

I’ve used several different dial up Internet access providers over the years. In my opinion there isn’t one that stands out as being any faster than the other. They all work much the same way as far as how they accomplish dial up acceleration.
The table below shows popular dial up Internet access providers prices for high speed dial up Internet.

Most dial up Internet access providers offer the same features, an email address or several email addresses, a personal webpage, email virus protection, phone support, maybe a price break for the first few months. Personally when I am choosing dial up internet access providers, I am only concerned with high speed dial up, unlimited access and the monthly price. I didn’t include other features in the chart above. Try not to get get too caught up in other features.

I will say I prefer english phone support over phone support that was outsourced to a non english speaking country. It makes it much easier for me to understand who I am talking to because english is my native language. Luckily I don’t need to use phone support regularly. In fact in the 2 years I have been with Basic ISP Ive only used it once. Again I didn’t include it in the chart, but it might be something I would keep in mind when shopping for dial up ISPs.

I don’t use the email, webpage, drive space etc…. that normally comes with any high speed dial up account in case I need to change dial up internet access providers. What if the dial up service im with becomes difficult to connect to, raises their price or I don’t want to pay for service a YEAR in advance? I may feel obligated to stay because everyone I know associates me with my dial up Internet account personal addresses.

There are many websites on the Internet that offer all the previous mentioned features for free. Now if I ever need to change dial up Internet access providers, all my personal addresses will stay the same.

Purchasing a high speed dial up account
Ive been using Basic ISP for years now. Standard dial up Internet is only $8.95 per month, accelerated dial up is $10.95 per month. Both are unlimited access. American tech support is unlimited and free. There are no contracts and you aren’t forced to pay a large up front money fee to get a price break. No penalties or fees if you leave, cancel anytime, and it comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

I didn’t need to send away for a disc for their software. Basic Isp can be installed with 2 small files. Before switching to Basic Isp, I downloaded and installed their software prior to leaving my old dial up Internet access provider. First download and install the dialer software. The dialer file is less than 1.5MG in length. Next download and install the high speed Internet file which is 3MG long. Both files are small enough to be easily downloaded over any dial up connection.

accelerated dial up configuration menu

You can access Basic ISP acceleration features through the high speed dial up menu. The high speed icon will become active once your online. The icon is the small green ball in Windows systray at the lower right hand side of the computer screen. You can open the high speed menu by hovering the mouse pointer over the high speed icon and right clicking once.

Here you can turn high speed dial up on or off and change acceleration settings. You can also view how much time you’ve saved surfing the web with high speed dial up turned on vs. having it turned off.

faster online video download feature


In the settings menu under the features tab its shows Basic ISP high speed not only speeds up web browsing, but also increases the speed of Macromedia Flash (online videos), File Transfer Protocol and blocks unwanted Internet ads. Email is accelerated as well.

Due to the popularity of YouTube, I get alot of questions asking about how to speed up video clip downloads. No matter what you do, downloading online video is going to be slow on dial up. High speed dial up acceleration goes a long way to help speed up the process. Downloading a 1 minute flash video clip using high speed dial up means the difference between the download taking 10 minutes or an hour.