Try using free malware removal software first


Before downloading a large anti virus program try using free Malware removal software. They are historically much smaller, and easier to download over a dial up connection than anti virus software. You’ll find over time you’ll use Malware removal software more than you would an anti virus programs. You are more likely to download Malware than a true virus.

A popular free anti Malware program is available called Malwarebytes. At less than 5mg in size its relatively short download. You can manually update the database after installing Malwarebytes.

If you don’t scan your computer daily for Malware, make certain your anti Malware software at least updates daily. Updated databases are approx. 3 mg in size. Updating shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes on a dial up connection. A bad time to find out your software is out of date after you’ve downloaded Malware.
The word Malware was created from the words MALicious softWARE. Types of Malware include, spyware, worms, trojan horses, adware, keyloggers or any such malicious unwanted code.

Downloading Malware unknowingly is much more commonplace than downloading a virus. Malware is designed to infiltrate your computer without your consent. Unlike viruses most Malware sole purpose isn’t to ruin your computer, rather to use it, and you for profit.

Normally you’re able to determine you’ve picked up a Malware program when surfing. While online Malware can misdirect search results, litter the screen with endless pop up ads, severely slow down modem speeds. People mistakingly refer to this as having a virus. Most times this is not the case.

Malware can be dealt on an as needed basis, although its good practice to run free Malware removal software regularly. Its also a good idea to run a Malware scan before you make purchases online with a credit card, or before you hand out private information over the web. Some Malware can steal you private information then send it to thieves who would purchases on our credit card or steal your identity. Better safe than sorry.