How to stop / disable flash video for Chrome – Firefox – Internet Explorer


Its important to know how to block flash video content prior to arriving at a website. Anyone who has surfed the Internet or Facebook, has came across websites containing flash video ads and movies. This means waiting while ads load, then playing information we may have never wanted.

Internet browsers automatically download flash video with no way to block it unless the web page is closed quickly. I’m also unable to determine how large the video file is. I’m on dial up so knowing the size of the flash video file is important. If the video is 5 minutes long it’ll take an hour to download.

Right clicking over the video while it downloads brings up a context menu that doesn’t provide a way stop videos from loading. Having control over flash videos while I surf the Internet would be great.Once blocked, web pages containing flash videos and video ads would display much faster. Knowing how to block flash videos is just one more method to make Internet surfing faster. Luckily there are ways to deal with unwanted flash. The three most popular Internet browsers are IE, Firefox and Chrome. Each have different add-ons or methods to block flash video content.

The following links show how to manually configure IE, Firefox or chrome to disable flash video.

Internet Explorer

Follow these links if you prefer to install an add on to your browser to stop flash video on your specific browser.

Toggle flash for Internet Explorer
Flashblock for Firefox


Finally, flash video can be blocked system wide by uninstalling adobe flash player completely from your computer.
Adobe flash player is easy enough to re-install if you decide you video to play again.

Uninstall adobe video player
Install adobe video player