How to make dial up Internet faster


When considering how to make dial up Internet fast I think we all assume the place to start is by increasing the connection speed at the modem. I’ve spent alot of time searching the Internet for ways to make my modem faster. Sometimes it isn’t possible to increase dial up modem speed above what you have currently. I’ve discovered modems are only one factor of many that can adversely effect dial up speed.

There are several simple free ways to increase dial up Internet browsing speed that are commonly overlooked. Also, there is a huge difference between a faster modem and faster Internet. Take a look at the suggestions below. If you don’t have local access to DSL or broadband, these tips will make dial up faster regardless of what the modem speed is. You’ll be surprised how well these tips work.

1. Do not frequently clear your browsers cache
There is alot of information on the Internet that claims clearing the browser cache will make dial up faster and thats wrong. The whole point of having a browser cache is to increase web page download speed. Clearing the cache often will actually slow down Internet browsing speed until the cache is built up again.

2. Stop flash video from playing when arriving at a website.
Flash video files are normally large. They take a very long time to download on a dial up connection. All popular browsers have add-on software available, or can be configured to disable flash player video. You can also uninstall adobe flash video player completely from your computer.

3. Choose a high speed dial up internet plan
Many dial up Internet access providers offer 2 types of dial up internet – Standard or Accelerated. Be sure to choose the accelerated plan. I’m not sure why standard dial up plans are even offered unless an individual would prefer using seperate web accelerator service such as Proxycon or Propel. Second party web accelerator services
cost approximately $5/month. Regardless, all accelerators work pretty much the same way to make dial up Internet faster. Accelerated or high speed dial up does not increase download speed. Beware of Internet service providers and software that promise a 300% increase in dial up speed.

4. Don’t wait for the web page to finish loading
Many times you can see what you need from a website early on while its loading, or decide this isn’t the web page you want. Firefox, I.E. and Chrome all contain an “X” near the top of of the web page that can be clicked to stop a web page from loading. Also, pressing the esc key will stop a web page from loading. The shortcut key to reload the page is F5.

5. Try a browser other than microsoft Internet Explorer
Unfortunately over time Internet Explorer has been the target of many malware and virus programs, as was Outlook express. Using other free Internet browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Safari or Google Chrome, will inherently lessen the likelihood of downloading malware.

6. Check for viruses and malware regularly
There is very little bandwidth available on a dial up connection. Viruses and malware use your internet connection while you are surfing which will slow down browsing speed significantly. If you’ve never checked for viruses I can guarantee you have one. Download a free anti virus or anti malware program and scan your computer at least weekly if not more. Don’t run virus programs in real time. Scan your computer when its offline and at night while you sleep.

7. Phone company repeaters If your dial up connection speed is 33.6k or less, its very possible your house in wired to a repeater. Phone signals will weaken as they travel over phone lines. A repeater will amplify a weak phone signal. Once amplified, it can be split to service additional distant residences such as in a rural area. This phone network architecture will decrease a dial up connection markedly lower than 56k speed.

8. Avoid using email clients like outlook express.
Instead register for a free web based email account at Yahoo or Google (Gmail). Malware uses email clients to travel aroundand infect other computers. Web based email is scanned for Malware free, then stored on remote computer servers. Just another tactic to avoid Malware and viruses altogether.

9. Download a computer system cleaning tool utility
There are free programs that remove the normal junk thats collected or created while surfing the internet such as CCleaner. Computer cleaning tools will remove temporary Internet files, tracking cookies and clean up your computers registry. Another free cleaning utility, Advanced Systemcare, will even optimize your modems TCP/IP settings. Computer cleaning tools do not remove malware or viruses.

10. Close file sharing programs when you are not using them
Nothing eats up bandwidth faster than a dozen people simultaneously downloading files from your computer. A file sharing program like Limewire can configure itself to run when your computer boots up. If you don’t need it to do this, go to the file sharing programs settings and change it to prevent the program from loading on computer startup. A forgotten file sharing program will drastically make dial up slow.

As you can see all the tips shown above are free to try. Though this website was intended to aid dial up Internet users, much of the the information provided here can be applied to any Internet connection….DSL, Cable, Satellite…etc. It takes some prior set up to make dial up Internet faster, but you’ll surprised how quick and stable browsing the web via dial up networking can be.