How to configure Internet Explorer to block flash video


How to manually configure Internet explorer
to block flash video

I’ve used Internet Explorer 8 in the following examples.
Disabling flash video through manage add-ons window
in Internet exploreris a bit more complicated than it is in

1: In the IE menu bar left click ” Tools ” , then click
” Manage Add-ons ” to bring up the manage add-ons
window shown below

2: Make sure ” Run without permission ” is selected under the
word ” Show “.

3: Using the vertical scroll bar locate the row called
” Shockwave flash object

4: Select ” Shockwave flash object ” by left clicking
over it once. It should now be highlighted.

5: After ” Shockwave flash object ” is highlighted the
disable button will appear in the lower right corner of the
Manage add-ons window.

6: Left click the Disable button to stop flash video media,
click it again to Enable flash video.