How to block flash video for Internet Explorer using toggle flash add on


Disable flash video with Toggle flash
There is a free add-on available that can block or enable flash by creating a button in the Internet Explorer command bar called Toggle Flash. The only thing I don’t like about this add-on is there isn’t a way to tell by looking at the button if flash video is blocked. You have to look at the webpage to verify flash videos have been stopped.

1: Open Internet Explorer and click the following link to take you to the Toggle Flash add-on download page -. Toggle Flash.

2: Click the download link. A window will appear, click “Run”.
3: Follow the instructions in the setup window to complete the installation.

4: Next we have to add the Toggle Flash button to the command bar.

5: Move the mouse cursor over any toolbar under the address bar and right click to bring up the toolbar menu.

6: Move the cursor over the word “Customize” at the bottom of the toolbar menu.

7: Another menu pops up. Left click “Add or remove commands…” at the bottom of the new menu.

8: The Customize Toolbar window appears (shown below). 9: Scroll up or down under “Available toolbar buttons” and locate the Toggle Flash button.
9: Left click the Toggle Flash button to highlight it then left the the “Add->” button to add the Toggle Flash button to the current toolbar buttons menu.

10: Click the close button. You may have to move the mouse cursor over the command bar separator and slide it left to see the newly added Toggle Flash button.