How to block flash video for Firefox with Flashblock


There is an add-on for Firefox that will permit you to easily enable and disable flash video called Flashblock. It needs to be downloaded and installed in addition to Firefox.

1: Obtain Flashblock from the Firefox
add-on webpage.

2: Left click the ” Add to firefox ” button
at the Firefoxadd-on webpage.
Follow the instructions.

3: To enable and disable Flashblock in Firefox, left click “Tools” in the menu bar then left click “Add-ons”.

4: Use the vertical scroll bar to locate the Flashblock add-on row in the Add-ons window. Left click the Enable – Disable button as needed.

5: Restart Firefox to complete the changes.

Admittedly it takes just as many mouse clicks to manually configure Firefox to block flash video content as it does to manually turn flashblock on and off . The advantage of flashblock is that you can whitelist websites you visit regularly. For instance, if the homepage you logon to first each day has flash video that you do want to see, you can set up flashblock to show video on your homepage, but still block flash video on all other web pages if you decide to browse the internet later.