How accelerators for dial up compress images


Using accelerators for dial up is a simple, direct way to significantly increase web browsing speed. Pricing varies depending on the type of internet accelerator you buy. Proxyconn and Propel are popular web accelerator services that charge by the month, approx. $5/month. Miliki is a downloadable accelerator for dial up program costing $30. Most are free to try. Many web accelerators also claim to increase web browsing through all forms of web connectivity be it dial up, DSL, Satellite or Broadband.

Regardless of the accelerator you choose, they all use the same technique to increase web browsing speed. That technique is known as file compression. Below is an example of a graphic file that was downloaded over my dial up Internet access provider twice. Once with web acceleration on and once with it off.







Image size before being processed          Image size after being processed
by accelerators for dial up                          by accelerators for dial up
16,431 bytes                                                     5,719 bytes

The way accelerators for dial up work is by compressing web page images before they reach your computer using a technique known as lossy compression. Once the images reach your computer they are recompressed. Recompressed images are similar, but not exactly the same as they were originally. Much of the digital detail that the human eye can’t detect is removed from web page images.

As a result it appears you are downloading these images faster. In reality there is much less data in the image to download. Look at the above dial up compression examples compared to the same uncompressed image. Can you see the difference?

The compressed image on the right was displayed on my computer monitor nearly 3x sooner than the non compressed image on the left without compromising image quality. All images on a web page are compressed using the same method. Time saved waiting for web pages to load will add up quickly.

A few words of caution. Some dial up accelerators may promise unrealistic dial up speeds that equal DSL. An accelerator for dial up won’t increase dial up connections past 56k speed. You can upload and download 10x faster on DSL than on dial up. Confiiguring accelerators for dial up to their maximum would degrade web page images to the point where they would be unrecognizable.