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What is the fastest best browser for dial up ?

Make Firefox your browser for dial up, or some other non Microsoft browser like Opera or Chrome. Many

Try using free malware removal software first

Before downloading a large anti virus program try using free Malware removal software. They are histo

How to make dial up Internet faster

When considering how to make dial up Internet fast I think we all assume the place to start is by inc

How accelerators for dial up compress images

Using accelerators for dial up is a simple, direct way to significantly increase web browsing speed.

Why is dial up slow ? 24.6k – 28.8k – 33.6k connections

Why is dial up up slow? Do you double click the network icon and check the connection speed? If I fee

What to look for when choosing dial up Internet access providers

Many dial up Internet access providers offer high speed dial up plans along with non high speed. The

How fast is dial up Internet?

Just how fast is dial up internet? Thats easy, 56k. In fact the term ” 56k ” is synonymou